Zestra® Sample Winners!

Essential Arousal Oils

Now perhaps some of you were too shy to admit that you took a survey about your sex life or perhaps you just didn't want to admit you'd like to try this stuff. Whatever the reason, the entries for this giveaway were insanely low. I hope the winners really enjoy their samples. This is a fantastic product and I think every woman out there should be able to at least give it a try!

The FIVE lucky winners are:

Post #8: Alexis!

Post #2: Fam.VanGurp ~ bajafam

Post #4: AnnCrabs!

Post #7: Michele!

Post #10: Bonita12

Congratulations to all of the winners! And a great big THANK YOU to Zestra® for sponsoring this giveaway. 


Rhiana said...

I suck at winning things. lol I cannot believe I cannot even win Zestra. lol!!


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