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I have to say that I am totally stoked to have been able to help promote such a great product and a great small business! I can't wait to try these pads when it's my time. And I hope at least a few mamas were turned on to a great new product! Remember, even if you didn't win, all first time customers can receive a free panty liner for the cost of shipping with the PIMP Cloth Pad Curious Giveaway!

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Congratulations Mary!! 

Congratulations Mary! I emailed you with your gift certificate code! 

And a huge THANK YOU to Party In My Pants for hosting this great giveaway!

Party In My Pants: Cloth Pad Review and Giveaway

Review and Giveaway

In my ongoing quest to use all things natural and to reduce the number of disposable items in my home and in my life, the one item I have yet to actually try is Mama Cloth: you know, cloth pads for that special time of the month. Now don't get me wrong here. I definitely want to try them. I just haven't had the chance to since I discovered their existence! I first discovered Mama Cloth while I was pregnant with Ophelia and I've either been pregnant or sans flow ever since. Now, I have seen the Party In My Pants pads first hand and they are certainly beautiful and well made. But I have yet to have the chance to try them myself. 

Fortunately for my readers, my good friend Gloria has offered to write a guest review! Gloria is a wonderful friend, part of my attachment parenting group, and the most incredible yoga instructor! You can read more about Gloria and her business, Blissful Family Yoga, on her blog. 

by Gloria Overcash
I've been using cloth pads for roughly seven years now. I've always liked pads because I am hip to the idea that the menses should flow rather than be plugged up. (Although I do find the menstrual cups to be a great alternative to the tampon) Switching to cloth is a great way to cut down on garbage, and although a larger investment upfront, has saved me lots of money in the long run. In these seven years I have personally used four different brands of cloth pads with varying degrees of satisfaction and now finally, I have found the winner!
 Gloria's Collection of PIMPs! Beautiful!
Party In My Pants (PIMPS for short) are cute, thin, and leak proof! I just finished my moon cycle using exclusively PIMPS and I have to tell you that it has been my most enjoyable moon cycle yet. They are by far the best cloth pads I have ever used for these reasons.

1. They are so comfortable! Part of this is because they are so incredibly thin. At first, I couldn't believe that they could possibly work as even the Super (heaviest absorbency) is super-thin, but they do! They really do feel like part of your underwear, and they do not bunch or feel bulky. And you can choose cozy flannel or cool cotton.

2. They really are LEAK-PROOF! The entire back of the pad is made of nylon, and the pads provide enough coverage and stay in place.

3. They are so discreet! When you are done with a pad, you simply fold it up (with the cotton side on the inside) and snap the wings together to make a little pouch. Toss it in your purse (or in one of the special carrying cases) and wash it later!
 Pads fold up, cotton side in, to form a discreet little pouch!
4. They are super cute! With all the choices in patterns and prints, it is fun to choose your collection and fun to change your pad!
 Pretty Pads all in a row...
5. Laundering is easy! Simply wash in cold or warm, and line dry or tumble dry low. No soaking necessary! A simple lingerie bag makes this task a breeze.

6. The one-piece design makes it all so simple. There are no inserts or liners to lose!

7. There are so many styles to choose from. By taking a simple quiz on the website, you can find the right pads for you based on your flow and the style of underwear you wear.
 From left to right:  Postpartum/Queen Size, Overnight, Super

(same size as Large but thicker), Large, Medium, Small

If you are an expecting mama, check out the postpartum pads! They even offer Honeysuckles, some very cute nursing pads!
 For new mamas- You don't have to wear those disposable

diaper-like pads after you give birth!  PIMP's lovely postpartum pad
and Honeysuckles nursing pads, too (for moms who like dry shirts!)

Another reason I love these pads is because they are made by women, for women, in the USA! No sweatshop labor needed as the clever design team stitches up pads in a renovated schoolhouse in Ashland, Wisconsin. 

Buying PIMPS will change the way you view your menstrual cycle, help keep garbage out of the landfill, and support small business. I hope you'll make the switch to cloth, too!


Are you cloth pad curious? Party In My Pants is offering all new customers a free liner! (All you need to do is pay your own shipping). Check out all the details on the Cloth Pad Curious Giveaway at Party In My Pants!

(I so could not resist that one!)

Party In My Pants has generously offered a $25 Gift Certificate* to one of my lucky readers! This will allow you to choose the products that will work best for you! 

* Gift Certificate will not cover any shipping charges. 

TO ENTER: Visit Party In My Pants and have a look around her site. Then come back here and tell me how you would spend your $25 Gift Certificate! 

Please leave your email address in this first comment so I can easily contact you if you win. If I cannot contact you, I will have to pick another winner.

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Disclaimer: This review and giveaway is sponsored by Party In My Pants. Gloria purchased her own pads in order to write this review. The review is Gloria's honest opinion based on her experience using the product and has not been reviewed or edited by Party In My Pants.


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