Long Time, No Write


It's been forever and a day since I have posted here, but I have every intention of posting regularly again - starting with this post! I'll be honest - life just caught up with me. Busy with the kiddos. Busy getting out and doing stuff - both fun and obligatory. Busy crafting. Just busy. And to top it off, Rowan has decided that I am not allowed to type or surf the net while she is nursing anymore. So all of that down time that I used to have while she nursed and/or napped? Not so much of that anymore. ;) 

Anyway, enough excuses. I have a list of things that I am WAY overdue in sharing with you and I plan on posting them up this week. In addition to everything in the box over there in the sidebar, I have a CSN Stores Gift Certificate and a Gift Basket of Kushies Newborn Goodies to give away! And I have a ton of stuff that I have made: from diapers to bags, that I would love to share on my crafting blog too! 

Looking forward to blogging again!


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