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The Maxwell's Madness

It all started back in 2007, about 3 weeks after my maternity leave for Ophelia ended. I had planned to be a Work At Home Mom, doing Architectural Drafting and CAD Management for my employer at the time. We had it all worked out so I could stay home with our new baby girl and telecommute. Unfortunately, the economy was already showing signs of a turn for the worse, and there just wasn't enough work to keep our small architectural firm up and running. Additionally, there was a one year waiting list for infant daycare and a downright drought in the Work At Home Job Market. So began my journey as a Stay At Home Mom. 

I found myself doing the basic mommy things: shopping, cooking, cleaning, errands, walking the dog. Except I was doing it all with this tiny baby attached to my front. Ophelia just did NOT want to be set down. Not for anything. Fine - I'm a Babywearing Mama, I can handle this! I wrapped her and we walked. Or shopped. Or vacuumed. The weather started getting wintery and we shoveled. But we found ourselves stuck inside with not much to do more and more often. And when the holidays passed and I was missing my family, I decided I was going to find a way to share our goings on via a website. I found blogger and it all began with THIS POST

My blog continued to be solely about The Life and Times of Ophelia Claire Maxwell. I chronicled her teeth coming in and her attempts at crawling and posted a bazillion photos of her cuteness. Sometimes I lagged, but I more or less posted every month with new happenings. Then I got pregnant with Rowan. And I hardly blogged at all. A few updates that covered all of the huge gaps, but nothing consistent. Even after Rowan arrived, I wasn't much inspired to blog. After all, I was talking to my mom almost every day and to Jim's mom at least twice a week. Who really needed updates on what was happening in my life, right? 

Then, in November 2009, a few things happened. During The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt I discovered Facebook, Twitter, and the natural parenting blogsphere. All of a sudden I was hooked again. I started connecting with more mamas in Bozeman and my old friends from home in upstate NY. I was inspired to remake my blog into something more than a baby journal. It started with a giveaway on another blog. In order to get an extra entry, I could blog about her giveaway. Then I found another giveaway. And another. And I was inspired to write my own review. And to post mommy tips and funny stories. And to post widgets and fun stuff in my sidebar. And that led to wanting to learn HTML so I could edit my page and customize my templates. 

Now my blog is really evolving. I would love to do reviews and giveaways of my own! 

So, who are the Maxwells? We are Heidi, Jim, Ophelia, and Rowan. We have a Big Dog. We are a natural parenting family. We love cloth diapers, babywearing, breast feeding, co-sleeping, cooking at home, and being as eco-friendly as we can. We love music and traveling and crafting and gardening and blogging. And we would love to try and review any kind of product that fits with our lifestyle! 

So come and have fun with the Maxwell's. Whether it's Wordless Wednesday, Listless Monday, or just a regular old day in Montana we'd love to share it with you. 

If you want to know more about us or wish to contact me regarding PR, Product Reviews, Product Placement, Giveaways, Sponsorships, or anything at all please feel free to Contact Me.


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