Giveaway Rules

For The Maxwell's Madness!

It's always nice to have a set of rules in place, just in case there are issues down the road. And here they are:
  1. You must complete the main entry (the one that says TO ENTER:) in order for you to be eligible to win any giveaway. 
  2. EXTRA ENTRIES are just that: Extra. Complete as many or as few as you like. Just be warned that none of them will count unless you complete the main entry. 
  3. You must leave your email address in at least one of your entry posts. I prefer that you leave it in the main entry, but as long as I can find it, you may leave it in any or all of your entry posts. IF I CANNOT CONTACT YOU, YOU CANNOT WIN! 
  4. Please feel free to adopt any of the usual conventions to post your email address so that web-bots cannot harvest it and send you lots of spam. e.g.: youremail AT yourdomain DOT com; or youremail (at) yourdomain (dot) com; or however you want to do it. 
  5. Please do what you said you did. If you say you are posting on Twitter, then post on Twitter. I can't check every single entry, but I will definitely be checking the winning entries. And if you haven't done what you say you did for that entry, I will choose another winner. 
  6. Winners are chosen using the randomizer widget provided by 
  7. I will contact winners via email. Winners have 48 hours to respond to this email. If I do not get a response, I will chose another winner via 
  8. Screenshots of both the randomizer widget and the winning entry post will be featured in the winner announcement post. 
  9. The eligibility for prizes is determined by the sponsor. Many sponsors will chose to only ship within the USA and Canada to keep their costs down. 
  10. I reserve the right to extend the end date on any giveaway as I see fit. This may happen if there are a very low number of entries. Or if I get really busy and can't close the giveaway on time. Normally, I will announce if and why a giveaway will be extended.
  11. Any posts made after the end date will not be eligible to win. 
  12. I do not put a cap on how many times you can win giveaways on my blog. None of that "you are not eligible if you have won in the last 30 days" garbage. This may change in the future if and when the number of followers/giveaways increases to a substantial number. At which time, I will post a disclaimer in every giveaway post to that effect. 
It's really very simple. Stick to these simple rules and we will all have fun and stay happy!


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